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Embryo Angling Habitats was founded in summer 2014 by Korda Developments owner Danny Fairbrass.

Embryo was created for Danny to put something back into the sport he loves so much and provide a positive solution to issues facing carp fishing.

We have two main functions:  set-up/run our own fisheries as affordable venues and to help others protect their lakes from the increasing threat of predation.

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The Future

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Most of our new venues come about from tip-offs from the public. If you know of a lake thats unused, freshly dug or not used for fishing, let us know and we’ll see if we can make headway!

Embryo will not take over, or push existing clubs/organisations off of their lakes. We will only get involved if no fishing is present on the lake in question.

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Embryo aims to provide safe, natural fisheries for the future; affordable and accessible to everyone. With common sense rules and membership levels tailored to the venue to ensure they are never busy, but equally never empty our lakes are focused with the angler experience in the front and centre of all we do.

We have lakes from Yorkshire to Surrey, if there isn’t one in your area but you know of somewhere that might suit us, then check out above and get in touch!

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Protect your Lake


Embryo can provides help with fencing to lakes in three ways.

  1. Cost price fencing service. The fencing is installed and provided at cost, Embryo acts as a fencing contractor to the club/syndicate. From this we make no money other than to cover our costs directly related to the specific job.
  2. Material supply. Embryo has worked closely with a UK based fencing manufacturer to help supply high quality otter fencing at the lowest possible cost. All materials provided with the exception of fence posts, Embryo makes 0% commission or money from any transactions.
  3. Donated fencing. Embryo covers all the associated costs of the fencing to provide the entire fence and installation free of charge. This is only available for open access clubs/organisations who go above and beyond to put back into the sport of fishing.
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