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30+ Miles

Fencing installed

Embryo installed their first otter fencing in 2014 and since then we’ve upgraded kit to ensure we can tackle any situation.


posts installed in a day

In 2017 the fencing team managed to knock 1km’s worth of posts in a day!


Donated fences

Embryo has donated (fully paid for) 8 fences for angling clubs who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to fund a fence themselves. There are no strings and the fence belongs to the fishery.



Embryo has 3 ways it helps fisheries to protect their waters. All otter fences we install are property of the existing club/syndicate. Embryo aims to make fencing as affordable and accessible as possible to all lakes regardless of who fishes or runs them.

  1. Cost Fencing Service – Embryo will supply and install a full fence at the fishery. ¬†Called the ‘cost’ service as Embryo makes no money from this service, we simply cover the install/material costs.
  2. Material Supply – Embryo has worked with a UK based fencing manufacturer to create our own custom fencing. Embryo can put you in contact with them to get the highest quality fencing at the lowest cost. included is all the fixtures and fittings needed to instal the fence, from brackets, nails and hog-rings to staples. Just add posts and you’re away! Embryo makes no money from this transaction direct with the manufacturer.
  3. Fully Funded Fencing – Embryo supplies and fits a full fence at no (or limited cost) to the fishery. This is only available to ‘worthy’ causes such as open access clubs or lakes that put lots back into the sport. Funding from this either comes directly from Embryo or using from sales of calendars or other such initiatives.
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Installed since 2014

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