Pettitt's Lake

£33 for 24hours

Juniors/concessions £23 for 24 hours


16 Acres

13 Swims


275 Carp

Lake record 45lb



Pettitt's Lake
Norton Disney

Pettitt’s lake is destined to be the ‘big fish’ lake of the complex. It has just 13 swims on 16 acres so each swim commands a decent amount of water. This has always been very important to us here at Embryo. We want every angler to have their own chunk of water to fish without being hemmed in by other anglers or having others cast into their water!

In early 2019, the lake was stocked with 150 cracking fish to mid-thirties. The vast majority of which are now over 20lb so it’s only a matter of time before it has a really good head of big fish. In October 2019, the stock was boosted with 100 stunning fish to 20lb+ from Priory Fisheries, bringing the stock up to 250 fish. More and more twenty pounders are hitting 30lb and so far, well over fifty different thirties have been recorded since opening, up to a current lake record of 45lb+ but we expect that number to grow considerably over the next few years!

The lake bed really does resemble an egg box in places, making it a really interesting lake to fish with plenty of features to fish to. Please see the lake map opposite for swim boundaries (swipe left for depth map).

For a high-res/downloadable depth map please click here

Norton Disney Day Tickets

Tickets – £33 for 24 hours, £17 for day sessions.

Concessions – £23 for 24 hours (OAP, Disabled and Junior anglers (under 18))

All under 18’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. If the responsible adult is not fishing, there is no charge.

Important Notice’s

  • Please familiarise yourself with the rules prior to attending site. Anyone seen to be breaking any of the rules will be asked to leave the complex without refund.
  • The main fishery gate opening times are 8am-5pm between 1st November – 31st March and 7am-8pm between 1st April – 31st October. You can turn up and start your session at any time between these hours.
  • Nets, mats and slings are provided for anglers so do not bring your own onto site.
  • Anglers must report to the lodge on arrival at the fishery, where they will be greeted by the on-site bailiffs who will assist you with your fishing tickets and accompanying information.
  • Swim choice is on a first come, first served basis with no pre-booking available.
  • Please report to the lodge upon arrival, where ticket payments are made. **PLEASE NOTE, NORTON DISNEY IS A CASHLESS SITE SO PAYMENTS TO BE MADE VIA CARD ONLY**
  • Pellets are available to purchase on site in either 5kg or 25kg bags for £12 and £50 respectively. The fish have been fed with these pellets since being stocked so their use is highly recommended.
  • Please note, some of the swims on this lake are prone to flooding during late autumn/winter, so welly boots are recommended if visiting at that time of year.
  • How to find us: Swinderby road/Butt Lane, Norton Disney, LN6 9QH.
  • If you would like to call ahead to check swim availability, the on-site contact number is 07497 183976.
  • ATTENTION WIVES/PARTNERS. Gift vouchers are available to purchase for the angler in your life! Simply call the fishery on the above number and pay for the required length of session. You will then be emailed the voucher which can be redeemed only by the angler named on the voucher.
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