South Ings Lane - Pit 1 & 2

Price £240

1st June-31st May

12 Acres

10 Swims

150 Fish

Lake record 42lb

South Ings Lane - Pit 3

Price £240

1st June- 31st May

4 Acres

6 Swims

100 Carp

Lake record 35lb


South Ings

South Ings Lane was Embryo’s first fishery to open in late 2014. Originally three lakes, these deep and clear pits proved to be a fantastic environment for the freshly stocked carp to thrive in. Later on, the first two lakes were knocked through to create a larger lake and start the transformation of these virgin pits. Fully fenced from the outset to protect the new fish from predation.

The stocking of fish occurred over the first year with fish from VS Fisheries, Heather Fisheries and our Lea Valley supplier with fish ranging between 8-29lb. These fish have since flourished in the gin clear water and some fish that went in at 14lb have now reached weights up to 30lb+. With growth rates like this the future is destined to be bright!

The deep water lends itself to zig and surface fishing in the spring, however come the summer/autumn the fish are readily caught from the bottom in both the shallower margins and the deeper open water spots.

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