Roughs Lake

Price £350

1st June-31st May

10 Acres

9 Swims

60-70 Carp

Lake record 42lb



Roughs lake is a real gem in the Embryo portfolio and holds a special place in some of our teams’ hearts. The mature, tree-lined lake is situated to the south of Peterborough on the edge of the open Fenland. The unique, shallow topography of the lakebed combined with tap-clear water creates for some extremely interesting fishing!

There are still a handful of old, original fish in the lake which are all absolute gems. In the winter of 2017/18 we complimented the stock with some fresh blood and introduced 18 fish between 16-24lb. Since then, we have introduced another 30-40 fish, many of which were absolutely stunning scaly mirrors, up to low twenties. These fish have really flourished and darkened up nicely in the clear water, offering the lake a really bright future.

There are now a handful of fish over the 30lb mark, up to a current lake record of 42lb, which was a beautiful common that was stocked from VS Fisheries back in November 2017 and hadn’t seen the bank since!!

Roughs is so much more than a ‘pounds and ounces’ water though. It’s a very beautiful, peaceful venue and very much one of those places where catching genuinely is a bonus!

The lake was fully fenced in 2017 to ensure this beautiful lake remains safe from predation forever.

Both the weekday and weekend waiting lists are now open for this venue.

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Both the weekday and weekend waiting lists are now open for this venue.

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