Pumphouse Lake

Price £375

1st June-31st May

7.5 Acres

7 Swims

170+ Carp

Lake record 36lb



Pumphouse opened in late 2016 with a small syndicate after the fish were stocked in late 2015. The lake was created from a flooded valley, complete with trees and a pump-house building still remaining in the water, hence the name!

A huge amount of work was undertaken to get the lake to a fishable state and ensure the safety of both the anglers and the fish. The surroundings have changed over the years with an industrial site created on the wasteland over the back of the lake. Due to the changing boundary and landscape, the lake was not fully fenced until the autumn of 2018.

Stocked in the winter of 2015/16 with some additional supplementation in the winter of 2016/17, the lake holds around 200 fish from several sources. This has created a wide variety of fish in the lake including lots of cracking, scaly mirrors and mint conditioned, golden commons!

The increased angling pressure and therefore bait, has seen the growth rates of the fish increase massively over the last year or two and the lake now holds in excess of 90 fish over the 20lb mark, with twenty of these having been caught over 30lb to date.

With a secure car park and good access to Peterborough town centre, the lake has found favour with many anglers for overnighters and with the spectacular illumination in the evening, the lake has a special atmosphere that not many lakes can match.

With numerous shallow, raised areas and reed lined margins, the lake offers a wide range of fishing options from open water fishing to stalking in the gin clear waters.

Both the weekday and weekend waiting lists for this venue are now open for a limited time.

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Both the weekday and weekend waiting lists for this venue are now open for a limited time.

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