Phil’s Lake



Venue Information:

Phil’s Lake is a mature gravel pit situated alongside the river Thames in Abingdon. The lake is  14 acres in size with 10 swims. The location of the swims ensure that each peg has its own area of water and cannot be affected by swims. The fully fenced lake also features a new hardstanding car park and self-composting toilet facilities for the anglers to use on site.

After taking over the venue in the autumn of 2016 Phil’s lake received stockings from VS & Priory fisheries over the winter; totalling 300 fish to 29lb. These fish were some of the best looking and variety of fish we have received, a stunning collection of fish. A small number of the original fish escaped predation and have been caught to mid 30’s. The six months since being stocked the new fish have shown to be growing well with a good head of 20 pound fish getting caught from the lake and the fish showing fantastic growth rates across the board. Besides carp the lake still holds a good head of tench up to low doubles and a reasonable head of pike.

The lake features a small island and lots of underwater features, the depths vary from 6-10 foot, in summer the lake becomes weedy and the fish home in on this week. During the opening months fish have been caught from the margins to the middle, they do enjoy to show and give their location away freely!

The syndicate was formed in 2017 compromising of 25 weekend members and 35 midweek.  Unfortunately the waiting lists for the syndicate is FULL and will not be reopening until further notice.