Phil's Lake

Price £350

1st June-31st May

14 Acres

13 Swims

350 carp

Lake record 43lb



Phil’s lake opened under the Embryo portfolio in the spring of 2017. The previous controlling angling club had suffered high levels of predation and couldn’t afford to re-stock or fence the lake so they kindly offered Embryo the lease. Before opening, we fully fenced and re-stocked the lake to ensure it had a bright future.

With over 250 fish stocked in late 2016 between 14-29lb, these fish are a variety of stunning mirrors and commons. The growth rates have been nothing short of exceptional with many of the fish showing in excess of 4lb growth a year. A small head of original carp remained to 31lb and with the supplementary feed coupled with anglers bait, these have also been growing nicely and the lake now holds over thirty different thirties up to over 40lb, and a very healthy head of twenties.

Phil’s lake is also famed for its big tench with many caught in the spring to over 11lb!

With just 13 swims on the lake, each swim commands a serious amount of water ensuring you’ve always got options! Phil’s can get weedy in the summer but there’s plenty of clear spots along with various bars and humps to be found around the venue.

The waiting lists for this venue are now closed until further notice.

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*PLEASE NOTE* We don’t allow anglers to join both Phil’s and Cables on the same rota due to their extremely close proximity to each other. You can join both lakes but it would need to be on opposite rota’s.

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The waiting lists for this venue are now closed until further notice.

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