Iris lake

Price £420

1st June- 31st May

8 acres

9 swims

55 carp

Lake record 43lb


Iris Lake

⁣Iris Lake is just under 8 acres in size and is designed to be a low stocked, ‘big fish’ style lake. It was stocked in December 2019 with 60 cracking carp from our friends at VS Fisheries, most of which were over 20lb. The fish were left for a year before we opened the lake, which done them the world of good, as a number of them were over 30lb before opening and the lake currently holds at least 20 fish over that weight, including five over 40lb!!

The lake has now been open to fishing for a couple of seasons, and many of the fish that have been caught have shown amazing growth, with some putting on over 10lb! It really won’t be long before Iris contains a very good head of thirties!

The carp are still young, hungry fish so although not a highly stocked venue, these fish are eating machines that have been reared on pellets, so don’t be afraid to feed them some bait.

The tickets are full, seven-day tickets. They do not operate on a weekday/weekend rota basis like some of our lakes, so you are not limited to which days/nights you can fish.

The waiting list for this venue is now closed until further notice.

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The waiting list for this venue is now closed until further notice.

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