Hyde Lane

Price £450

1st June- 31st May

20 acres

23 swims

80-90 carp

Lake record 46lb


Hyde Lane

Excavated in the 1950’s, Hyde Lane is a very mature, 20 acre gravel pit located on the outskirts of Buckingham. The lake itself is heavily tree and reed lined, providing large amounts of sanctuary for the carp to explore. It isn’t a particularly deep lake so it also gets fairly weedy during the summer months, meaning strong tackle is essential.

Hyde Lane has a history of producing very large carp but unfortunately, the lake has suffered quite heavily from otter predation over the last few years and because of this, the current stock level is a little unknown. However, we have recently introduced 25 new fish from VS Fisheries which brings the stock up to an estimated 70-80 fish, two of which that have recently been caught over 40lb, so it provides a nice challenge for the more experienced angler.

We have now fully fenced the main lake though, so its residents are safe forever and it is likely that we will introduce some more fish in the near future. However, the plan is to keep it as more of a ‘big fish’ water as it always has been.

Hyde Lane doesn’t operate on a weekday or weekend rota basis. It is a full, seven day ticket although we do also offer a limited number of midweek only tickets too.

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