Devil's Lane

Price £150

1st June-31st May

15 Acres

15 Swims

120+ carp

Lake record 43lb


Devil's Lane

Devil’s Lane opened quietly in spring 2017. Since then work has carried on to enhance this fantastic fishery. We have improved access around the lake by way of a vehicle track and car park to allow easy access as well as installing an eco toilet to the site.

There are around 50-60 original fish in the lake, of which four commons and one mirror are over the 30lb barrier, up to a lake record of 37lb+. The rest of the original stock is made up of some special old commons, many of which are in the upper 20 bracket.

In the winter of 2017/18 we supplemented this stock with 60 hand picked fish between 11-16lb to secure the long-term future of the water. Some of these fish are amongst some of the finest looking fish we’ve received and initial growth rates point towards a very bright future for the lake. In fact, four of these fish have recently hit 30lb which is fantastic and we’re sure there will be plenty more to follow in the coming years!

As well as this head of carp there is a relatively small number of large tench and also some good pike fishing to be had at the right time of year.

Devil’s Lane doesn’t operate on a weekday or weekend rota basis. It is a full, seven day ticket.

The waiting list for this venue is currently closed until further notice.

Devil's Lane Lake Map


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The waiting list for this venue is currently closed until further notice.

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