Crown Lakes

Price £95

1st June-31st May

15 Acres

10 Swims

350 fish

Lake record 34lb



Crown lakes opened in July 2018 after being stocked the previous winter with 350 stunning fish up to 29lb. Set in the grounds of a beautiful public Country Park, the tree lined banks and large reedbeds gives this lake a real big fish atmosphere.

As with many former brick pits in the Peterborough area, the lake has steep margins with depths down to 45ft+ in the middle.

The margins of the lake range from 10-25ft so most of the fish are caught at short range up to around 70 yards, making this venue ideal for those anglers who prefer not to fish at long distance.

With the depths of water holding the heat much later in the year, the lake fishes well right through into the winter.

The deep, clear water has turned the fish absolutely jet black and the supplementary feeding along with the increase in anglers’ baits, has already pushed several of the fish over the magical 30lb barrier. There are currently nine recorded thirties but with numerous fish still unaccounted for, we are sure this number will rise, as and when they do finally put in an appearance!

The smaller lake on site opened in spring 2019 and is covered on the same ticket as the main lake. It has produced fish to mid-twenties, although it is relatively lightly fished so who really knows what’s in there!

Crown is one of the most unique venues in Embryo’s portfolio and competent margin anglers are sure to enjoy consistent action all year round.

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Both the weekday and weekend waiting lists are now open.

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