Cawcutts Lake

Price £240

15 Acres

12 Swims

250+ Carp

Lake record 37lb



Opening in early 2016, Cawcutts was Embryo’s second water to fully open. Prior to Embryo’s lease the lake had laid largely neglected and unused. After fully fencing and re-stocking the lake under careful stewardship by the dedicated fisheries team, this has given Cawcutts a new lease of life.

Stocked with over 250 carp between 12-25lb to supplement the existing handful of originals. These carp have flourished in the lake and shown incredible growth rates in the rich waters (helped with the head of crayfish which they adore!). After three years the average size is well into upper doubles with an estimated 90-100 carp over 20lb and around 10 now over the magical 30lb barrier. With the speed these carp are growing on it won’t be long before the average size is well over 25lb.

The lake is split into two distinct ends and although the lakebed is relatively flat, the weed and depth of water allows for anglers to build good hits of fish if they fish well.

Cawcutts Lake Map


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