Cables Lake

Price £240

1st May-30th April



12 Acres

9 Swims

100 Carp

Lake record 38lb



Hidden alongside the river Thames and situated next door to the beautiful Phil’s lake is our Cables lake. Cables laid dormant until Embryo took it over in 2017. From here it was carefully fenced and swims created. Then, late into 2017 the lake received a stocking of hand picked carp. With a handful of originals (10-15 size unknown) we supplemented this low stock with an additional 65 carp to create a low stocked water with the future in mind.

Since their stocking, the carp have darkened off in the gin-clear, weedy water and shown great growth potential. With the carp stocked up to 31lb and the subsequent growth rates, it won’t be long before we see more of these stunning carp becoming targets! In fact, with at least 10 fish over 30lb now present, the largest of which coming out at 38lb in the autumn just gone, we are confident Cables will do it’s first 40 pounder in the very near future.

The lake has many features including plateaus, gravel margins and expansive marginal reedbeds, offering the angler plenty of options. It can also get quite weedy during the height of summer so strong tackle is essential.

Due to high demand, the waiting lists for both rotas are currently closed until further notice.

Cables Lake Map


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