Broom Blue Lake

Price £245

1st June-31st May

17 Acres

9 Swims

450+ Carp

Lake record 34lb


Blue Lake

Taken on by Embryo in late 2017, Broom Blue lake sits by the side of the larger Broom Big lake syndicate with its own access and car park, greatly reducing the walk to the swims.

The lake is fairly open but is growing up fast and has a bright future, having a much higher stocking density than it’s bigger neighbour. We stocked 400 fast growing and particularly stunning Priory Fisheries carp ranging between 6-18lb into the lake at the end of 2017, and after a ‘fish farming’ style feeding regime, some have already reached 30lbs.

The venue also has an existing head of silverfish and in particular, large roach have been caught up to 2lb+ on the float.

The lake features a fully accessible disabled swim, catering for those who require easy access.

Blue has shallow, sloping margins down to a decent depth of 12-15 feet (swipe across on lake map for depth map). It has the odd raised features spread around so work with a marker is advised to find clear, interesting areas and when you do, the bites can come thick and fast.

Blue offers fantastic sport for more experienced and less experienced anglers alike, and with numerous fish due to follow our previously unknown original, ‘Brian’ into the 30lb barrier, it is definitely one for the big fish angler for the future. We predict it will do it’s first 40 pounder by autumn 2021..

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