Baston Serpentine Lake

Price £450

1st July-30th June

7 acres

8 swims

120 carp

Lake record 35lb



The Serpentine is a seven-acre lake situated on our exclusive five-lake complex on the edge of The Fens in Baston, Peterborough.

With just eight, well-spaced swims and depths down to 12-14ft, the ‘Serp’ is a lovely, intimate venue, so is all short to medium range work. The lake can get quite weedy in the summer, so finding clear areas to present baits on is a must to achieve the best results.

Originally used as a ‘stock lake’ for the other lakes on the complex, we drained the Serp down a couple of winters ago and removed all the fish, before grading them and putting the best 120 or so back in to grow on for another couple of summers before opening the lake in October 2023.

The fish are young and hungry, so don’t be afraid to give them some bait! They have been fed with our own ‘house’ pellet for several years, so absolutely love it!

Since opening, the lake has produced fish to 35lb, but it hasn’t received masses of pressure so far, so there are plenty of uncaught fish waiting to be caught. Hopefully with a few surprises among them!

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