Baker's Lake

Price £250

1st June-31st May

9 acres

9 swims

250 fish

Lake record 35lb


Baker's Lake

Baker’s and Home Field are two¬†beautiful, rich lakes situated alongside the river Thames in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside, just outside Abingdon.

In October 2018, we stocked 250 carp into each lake from Priory Fisheries, with the biggest of these touching low twenties. The lakes opened in July 2020 and now, two years on, it’s clear to see the fish are really flourishing in the rich, clear waters, with an ever-growing number of twenty pounders being caught up to a current record in Home Field of over 36lb! Some of the fish have gained the best part of 15lb in weight which is just incredible. It won’t be too many years at all until the lakes hold a good head of thirties!

Because the lakes have a relatively high stock of fish for their size, they are the perfect venue for younger or less experienced anglers alike, but also absolutely ideal for more experienced anglers that just want to get a few bites from some cracking looking carp whilst sitting in stunning surroundings!

Both lakes are included on the same ticket. These tickets do not operate on a weekday/weekend rota basis like some of our lakes, although there are still two ticket options; a full, seven day ticket or just a weekday (Mon-Fri) ticket which are half the price of the full ticket, for those anglers that only fish during the week. This ticketing system ensures the venue never becomes overly busy on the weekend, and allows us to regulate footfall.

Due to high demand, the waiting list for this venue is now closed until further notice.

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Due to high demand, the waiting list for this venue is now closed until further notice.

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