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Embryo Angling is continuing to invest heavily in its own waters, having just stocked the South Ings complex with some stunning fish for the future.


The East Yorkshire water, near Cave, is run as a syndicate by Embryo, and the two lakes on the complex – pits one and two were joined together – have already been extensively stocked with 250 fish between them, mostly in the 8-17lb range, since Embryo opened the complex in April 2015. These have mainly been sourced from VS Fisheries, as well as a few larger commons from a Lea Valley water, and since then they have been piling on the weight.

Just prior to the latest stocking, the venue produced a lake record 26lb 14oz common to Kev Brown from Pit 3, the same fish as that which Embryo and Korda boss Danny Fairbrass caught himself a month or so back, weighing in at a pound lighter on that occasion.


The latest introductions, plus the growth rates of the existing fish, mean that the venue has a very bright future, as well as having more big fish to target now – including a couple of mirrors that are bigger than the current lake record!

The VS Fisheries stock are arguably the best that are available to buy, and the strains have a proven track record of producing some of the biggest and best looking carp in the country – having been spawned from the renowned Colne Valley lake known as Harrow, where carp have grown to over 60lb!

Pit 1 and 2 benefitted from six new fish being stocked, including the biggest of the batch at 29lb 12oz, and nine mirrors up to 28lb 2oz were introduced to Pit 3 – all except one of them were over 20lb, with that one weighing in at 19lb 12oz, and all were C6 class (six-year-old fish).


This week will also see another 30 carefully selected ‘Simmos’ introduced, to help create a diverse stock, and although these will be smaller, as they are C4 year class, they will soon grow. Of these fish, 25 will go into Pit 1 and 2, with five in the other lake.

Both lakes now have a very good head of carp, with a good variety of different strains – including commons and scaly mirrors – and it looks set to be a great venue for the future, especially compared to other waters in this part of the country, as well as being well worth having a ticket on now!

The syndicate is split between weekdays and weekends, and currently there are still a very limited number of mid-week tickets available, and a growing waiting list for the weekend ones, so if you are interested in what looks set to become one of the best waters in the north of the country in the future, then get your name down today!

As well as running its own fisheries, Embryo is extensively involved in providing predator fencing to fisheries around the country – including some jobs which it funds itself where clubs or fisheries don’t have the money to protect their waters. You can help protect these waters by buying an Embryo Angling calendar, with £7 from every sale going towards fencing, and if all are sold that equates to enough to fence three lakes. The calendar is available in all Korda stockists or via Korda24: https://www.korda24.com

Anyone who is interested in a ticket on South Ings, or any of the other Embryo venues, should contact us for more details, or to have your name added to the growing waiting lists: info@embryoangling.org

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