Norton Disney Day Tickets

Tickets – £25 for 24 hours, £12 for 12 hours (7am-7pm).

Concessions – £20 for 24 hours (OAP, Disabled and Junior anglers (under 18))

All under 18’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. If the responsible adult is not fishing, there is no charge.

Billy’s & Pettitt’s lakes now open!

Turner’s lake opening in spring 2020.


  • Please familiarise yourself with the rules prior to attending site. Anyone seen to be breaking any of the rules will be asked to leave the complex without refund.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is in operation on this venue. To gain entry, please ensure you enter the correct vehicle registration number. If you are arriving on foot please enter “ON FOOT” in the Vehicle Registration field.
  • The main fishery gate opens at 7am and closes at 7pm (winter hours). You can turn up and start your session at any time between these hours.
  • Anglers that are fishing for 24 hours or more will have an hour to walk around the complex to help them decide where they would like to fish. So your ticket will start an hour after you have entered the complex and you will also have an hour to pack up and vacate your swim at the end of your session, giving you your full 24 hours fishing time.
  • Swim choice is on a first come, first served basis with no pre-booking available. Payment will be made at the entry gate.
  • Pellets are available to purchase on site in either 5kg or 25kg bags for £10 and £45 respectively. The fish have been fed with these pellets since being stocked so their use is highly recommended.
  • How to find us: Swinderby road/Butt Lane, Norton Disney, LN6 9QH.
  • If you would like to call ahead to check swim availability, the on site contact number is 07931 974801.
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