Tip offs


Here at Embryo we strive and work to ensure the future of our sport. Our aim is to provide natural, affordable, secure and pleasant places to fish for our anglers. High quality fishing at a budget price with well spaced swims & plenty of water for all. We rely on information from people on the ground, to give us a heads up on suitable waters.

We are not looking to ‘out-bid’ or push existing clubs/syndicates off of their venues, this is simply not in our ethos. We thrive on taking venues that are overlooked, barren or unused, from here we can use our unique skill and contacts set to make these viable and secure fisheries.

We are always on the look out for:

  1. Old established waters
  2. Brand new waters
  3. Estate lakes
  4. Farmland lakes
  5. Or any other type of waters, lakes or land for sale / lease

Most of the embryo waters have come about because of tip-offs:

  • South Ings was gained on the back of information from our old friend Clive Gibbens
  • Cawcutts was from a local source who got in contact as he saw potential in the venue
  • At Stanton Harcourt the existing club found the water was no longer viable for them, got in touch and kindly offered to sell it to us

If you know of anywhere that you feel fits the Embryo ethos then please get in touch with us, we’re only too happy to hear about potential venues:

Email: info@embryoangling.org

Phone: 01268 285987

Or you can use the contact form on this site.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for helping us protect the sport we all love so much.