Match Pit

Project Information:

Match Pit in Wivenhoe near Colchester is the first in a sequence of venues to be fenced by Embryo leading into winter 2016. This special lake is run by the Colchester and Postal Telecom Angling Club and offers top quality open access fishing for £65 with the option of a night ticket for an extra £40. As well as the Match Pit the club book also includes 6 other lakes and a stretch of the river Stour. Match pit is the Jewel in CPTAC’s crown, with fish to over 40lb and a good head of 30lbers the lake is fantastic value for money. The fish are great examples of classic old English carp with Chesnutt commons, Classic linears and heavily plated mirrors all making up the stock.

Embryo was approached by Ellis Obia on behalf of CPTAC, looking for any help or assistance we could give to get the lake Fenced. Ellis had witnessed first hand the impacts predation could have elsewhere and with otters moving into the area he was becoming increasing concerned with protecting the lakes amazing stock and the resource it offers to local anglers. Working with Ellis, CPTAC, and the owners Larfarge we set about planning how best we could protect the lake.

Initially Embryo and CPTAC were planning to fund the whole of the fencing project with work scheduled to start in summer 2015, it was at this point that Dovetail Games stepped in. Dovetail have been working with Korda to develop a super realistic carp fishing simulator game, and had expressed an interest in Embryo and the work that we do. After discussions Dovetail very generously offered to cover the significant costs of the materials for the match pit job with CPTAC and Embryo meeting the Installation costs. In the current climate of austerity this is a really big commitment to real world fishing by Dovetail.

Work is now underway with Embryos Stuart Daborn managing the project and Local company All seasons fencing carrying out the work, the fence is scheduled to be finished by the start of September 2015. Embryo would like to thank Ellis Obias for all the tireless work that he has put into this project and to Dovetail who’s donation means extra Embryo money can now be put towards the next project in Cornwall. With the Match Pit protected it can continue to be a hotbed of carping in the Colchester area for many years to come.