Lea Valley Project

Project Information:

In the summer we were approached by an Angling Club in the Lea Valley with an interesting proposition. The club had a surplus of good quality homegrown stock fish on site and were in need of an Otter fence. In exchange for helping erect the fence the club would give us some of their stock fish for use at our venues. Normally we do not require anything in exchange for helping with protecting fisheries but as the club had to many fish on site it was a win win situation. We have moved some fish to our new Yorkshire site with more to follow next winter, and the Club now has a completed otter fence. The fence boundary was 1500 mtrs and we used otterstop uk to put the fence up, it features tornado wire a cranked top and covered ground skirt. Going forward we will be working with the club to use their 8 stock ponds to help produce fish for waters around the country.


Update: In 2014 and 2015 we stocked fish from the club into several of our own waters. These fish went in between 16-21lbs. They have shown a fantastic growth rate between 5-7lbs over the course of a year. These fish have become the target fish in Embryo’s ‘South Ing’ fishery and ‘Pumphouse’ in Peterborough