After taking on any new water Embryo’s syndicate  membership will be formed, we try to ensure that local anglers get priority prior to other anglers joining.

After a water has been secured, it will not be overfilled with either swims or anglers. We pride ourselves on opening the water when it is ready, and not to rush anything (where possible). We keep the venue as natural as possible and if necessary reduce the amount of angling pressure & swims to ensure that everyone has enough space & water to fish from.

Our standard  plan is to run 2 x rota’s (syndicate size is dependant on; the size water, swim numbers and footfall).

“As an example: Embryo Angling’s ‘Stanton Harcourt Syndicate’ features two 25 man syndicates, the lake is 11 acres and  has 11 swims spread around the lake. The membership at this level ensures a steady footfall of anglers for complex security, without the lake become overly busy. We are all passionate anglers at Embryo and know the feeling of dread when pulling into a full car park! As a result we aim to create a balanced syndicate that people can buy into and enjoy”

One rota covers the Weekday and the other will cover the Weekend. No angler is permitted to apply for both tickets you must choose which one is best to suit your needs and then tick the correct box on the Application Form.

The rota’s run along the following times:

  • Weekday – 10am Monday morning till 10am Friday morning
  • Weekend – 10am Friday morning till 10am Monday morning

Once all the tickets have been taken then a waiting list will comes into operation, there are two lists as there are two types of tickets available. The waiting lists will hold the same amount of names as per tickets and once these waiting list are also full then they will close. If you cannot get on any of these list you will need to keep checking the website to see if there are vacancies on the waiting list for the lake you wish to fish.

The Waiting List’s are now available on the website to download, allowing public viewing but will be controlled by staff at Embryo. When you go on to each Venue page at the bottom of the description is the Waiting List ready to download. This is to ensure the there is ‘no’ queue jumping by anyone, keeping this fair for all anglers. If you have any questions on the lists then please contact us via the details below.

Each venue Has its own voluntary Fisheries Manager, who runs the general day to day running of the venue and if there is any problems then he is the person to get hold of. Depending on the size of water will depend on whether he runs it himself or also has a number of Assistance’s that help him. If you are keen on any of these types of position’s and have the time, passion & drive to do the work then please get in touch with us. If work parties are required we would expect all members to offer their services to the Fishery Manager if they can. Depending on the amount of work needed will depend on the amount of work parties per year that is required.

If you are interested in joining any of our waters then please follow the procedure laid out below:

  1. Send an email to: stating which venue you are interested in.
  2. An email will be returned (within 14 days) stating if there is a ticket available or  if you will be added to the waiting list.
  3. An Application Form will be sent to out, this will contain payment details and all other information on the lake concerned.
  4. Payment must be made (only if a ticket is available, not for a waiting list position).
  5. Return the Application Form, 2 x photos and SAE.
  6. Membership is NOT confirmed UNTIL the above paperwork is back in Embryo possession.
  7. Once all is confirmed a Membership Pack will be sent out, which will include an Introduction Letter, Venue Rules and your Membership Card.
  8. Once in your possession you are entitled to fish.

Membership will run for a year from the opening of the venue or as per your paperwork. Towards the end of your ticket you will receive a letter from Embryo asking if you would like to continue with your ticket and if so payment details and a date which this needs to be actioned by.

Tight Lines,

Embryo Angling Habitats

T:  01268 285987