Fencing Service


In 2015 we completed donated jobs where we fenced other peoples lakes, paying all or the Lion’s share of the money. The recipients of this were open access clubs with a community focus.  Although we will continue to do this in 2016, we are also going to offer a cut price fencing service to all. Embryo can now provide the materials, installation and any ground clearance work necessary to fence fisheries.

Embryo has a small fencing team that is highly skilled and trained with 20+ years of experience in both ground & fishery work.  This has been further enhanced over the past 2 years with the many completed Embryo Projects.  Some of the feedback about the standard of work is outstanding with all Clubs/Syndicates stating they are extremely happy with both the speed & standard of our work.


We have bought a lot of very specialised kit including a dedicated post Knocking machine, a wire holding bracket and excavator mounted post knocker. Having this Kit makes a huge difference, what we can install in a couple of days can take an angling club or syndicate months working by hand with volunteers at weekends. Not only does it make the work faster but it also allows us to fence terrain that without this equipment would be impossible

We use the highest quality materials available. The type of fencing we use is Galvanised high tensile steel wire with a cranked return on the top (to stop otters climbing over). The supplier of our posts offers a guarantee of these items for 15 years.

Our fences also feature a ground-skirt which we either fit to the bottom & pin plus then cover with soil or if the terrain allows bury outright. Although other types of fencing may well keep otters out in the short term, they need a lot of continual maintence to ensure they remain effective. The advantage of the design and materials we use is that they will provide an effective barrier for many years to come.

As part of Embryos remit to protect as many fisheries as possible we are not seeking to make money on this venture. We simply aim to cover overheads and are not looking to profit beyond this, as a result we can offer high quality fencing at a very realistic price. On occasions when the job comes in cheaper than quoted any excess money will be put towards a donated fencing job.

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Often we hear that it’s not possible to fence as its too expensive or challenging. With the kit and experience we have it’s surprising what’s possible and at a price that is realistic.

For all of your Fishery & Fencing enquiries or a free quote/estimate please get in touch and give us the details for your venue:

  1. Email: info@embryoangling.org
  2. Phone: 01268 285987

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future,

Embryo Team