Pump House



Venue Information:

Pump House Lake near Peterborough is the newest lake on our portfolio. Embryo gained the lease for this site at the back end of 2015, a small syndicate was formed to keep an eye on the venue and it will be opened up as a Carp Syndicate in April 2017. Since taking over the site there have been many improvements including a new fence to protect the stock from predation (to be fully completed summer ’17), hard standing car park, toilet facilities and swims for the anglers to fish from.

The venue is an intimate 7 acres, which has been stocked with an incredible array of 120 fish ranging in sizes from 8lbs – 23lbs, With a beautiful array of different looking fish. Since being stocked in early 2016 into the clear, weedy and rich water these fish have grown exceptionally well with some of the biggest fish coming out up to 6lb up in weight, all have darkened up and look incredible.  These fish originate from VS Fisheries & Heather Fisheries as well as featuring a number of larger Commons from our partners in the Lea Valley. The fish are fast growing and with anglers bait encouraging growth alongside the amazingly ‘natural-rich’ water, this lake is sure to have a fantastic, protected stock of fish, making it one to watch for the future.

Around the site there will be just 6 swims which have been built in a style to both blend in with the natural surroundings as much as possible and to be great to fish, without any conflict with other anglers. The lake averages around 6 – 8ft in depth and also features shallow areas & plateau, with the margins holding a lot of carp, this is sure to be a stalking-anglers paradise. A large amount of snags have been removed to allow all anglers the best chance of landing any fish caught. The site features secure parking and an on-site toilet.

There will be a Midweek & Weekend Syndicate in operation both of with a total of 35 members.  The ‘Midweek Syndicate’ will operate from 10am Monday until 10am Friday and the ‘Weekend Syndicate’ 10am Friday until 10am Monday. Only one ticket can be purchased per angler.

Membership is currently open for the 2017-18 and once all spaces are full there will be Waiting list in operation. If you are keen on getting hold of a ticket then please email us at the following address: info@embryoangling.org